Cruise ships operators are referred to as cruise liners. These operators have a two-fold character. They are working both for the transportation business and leisure entertainment industry. Cruise liners come with

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a ship captain, hospitality staffs and a hotel manager.

Cruise Ship

Are you fond of taking on nowhere voyages? Well, why not go for cruise ships? Cruise ship is a passenger ship especially intended for pleasure voyage. In a cruise ship or cruise line, the voyages as well as all amenities of the ship are parts of the experience. The primary purpose of cruise ships is not for transformation because these ships are call to return to the originating ports of the passenger. Since they do not have any port of call, they are also called as nowhere voyages or cruises to nowhere.


With the wide selection of ocean liners out there, there are those who offer line voyages. Also, they transport their passengers from one place to another instead of making round trips. It is just a matter of your preference which option to consider. Originally, ocean lines that are intended for transoceanic trades should be designed with higher standard with that of an ordinary cruise ship. As such, they usually come with stronger plating as well as high freeboard in order for the ship to resist rigorous conditions all through the voyage. Additionally, they are also designed with larger compartments.

In spite of their luxurious characteristics, cruise lines are also designed with features that are not commendable for a cruise. It includes high fuel consumption as well as deep draught. What is the reason behind this? It is because they need protection when these ships enter shallow ports. In order to withstand harsh weathers, they are also designed with enclosed decks. Ideally, every passenger of a cruise ship should not bear grudge on these unsuitable features because they are designed for their safety.

ocean liners

The gradual evolution of typical ocean liners into cruise ships allows passengers to take a better view of their surroundings with the inclusion of high end feature such as private verandas. Majority of cruise liners out there that sacrifice the quality of seaworthiness works by adding amenities in order to cater to the needs of their passengers. In fact, there are some cruise ships that are even called floating condominiums.

The difference between a cruise ship and ocean liners is not clear especially in terms of deployment. However, the distinction in the construction aspect remains. Larger cruise liners usually deal with longer trip which includes transoceanic voyages. These ships do not return to the originating ports usually for months.

Cruising is one of the most important fa├žade of the tourism industry. In United States, there are over ninety million water passengers who have been carried worldwide way back in 2011. The immense growth triggers the construction of more cruise ships. Also, there are service providers to Europe water tourists. There are also smaller markets serviced by older liners. At present, the largest cruise ship in the world is the Royal Caribbean International Allure of the Seas.


The development of pleasure cruising began in 1822 when the Peninsular and Oriental Steam navigation company has been formed. The company began in the industry as a shipping line that service routes between the Iberian Peninsula and England. It has gained its first ever contract for the purpose of delivering mail in the year 1837. Three years after, it started delivering mail to Alexandria, Egypt via Malta and Gibraltar.

In the early part of the twentieth century, P&O cruise ship was the first one to introduce passenger cruising. As such, P& O cruise ship has been considered as the first of its kind. Later, the company had also served round trip cruises.

With the development of jet aircraft in the early 1960s, international travellers prefer to switch from cruise ships to air transportation. This is the reason why ocean liners experienced terminal dilemma during that time.

In 1986, cruise liners began to make dramatic venture in the market. During this time, the Cunard Line caters to the needs of water tourists. Driven by the goal to reinvigorate cruising industry, cruise liners create entertainment value for passengers. With this, the Cunard Line has been the first shipping company to do luxury cruising translantic service via the Queen Elizabeth 2 liner. In order to make it a hit for passenger, the company hired for celebrity performers.

From that time on, cruising lines have gradually improved their amenities aside from entertainment features. As a result, it provided a power shot for cruise liners to have a significant place in the field of tourism.

In historical perspectives, the leisure cruising business has been unstable. This is because of the large capital requirement along with high operational cost. This is the reason why there are numbers of cruise lines that are being sold, renovated and renamed. In order to cater to the wide varying needs of water passengers, cruise liners offer their services twenty fours a day, seven days in one week and fifty two weeks in a year. A cruise ship that runs out of maintenance of the service routine can lead to significant losses. These and more facts are the reasons why venturing to this kind of business is very risky.

Some of the cruise lines out there offer speciality features. Say for instance, Saga Cruise only enable water passengers who are fifty years old and above. The Star clippers serve water tourists only with their tall cruise ships. There are also specially cruise lines rendering expedition cruise for small ships only.

Cruise ships come in wide varying sizes, styles and amenities. With this, it is important that you have to identify your needs before booking for a leisure water trip. There are lots of selections of the best cruise ships out there. If you want to narrow down your option, you can pay a visit to the internet and search for reputable websites that offer high quality cruising service. In the long run, you have to keep in mind that fun is not only the criterion in choosing for a cruise ship. Most importantly, you should consider comfort and safety in order to spare yourself form all possible inconvenience and risks that can arise throughout the nowhere voyages.